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International 韦德1946 学费 & 金融援助

学费 & 费用

学费 & 费用 1 Semester (4 mo.) 1 Academic Year (8 mo.)
学费 $16,807 $33,614
学生团体费 $249 $498
总成本 $17,056 $34,112
其他费用 1 Semester (4 mo.) 1 Academic Year (8 mo.)
房间 & 食品* * $4,442 $8,884
Health insurance*** $785 $1,570
总成本 $5,227 $10,454
其他费用 1 Semester (4 mo.) 1 Academic Year (8 mo.)
书 & 供应 $500 $1,000

注意: 总金额 大胆的 must be accounted for in order to obtain an I-20. 

*成本 may increase yearly.
** Rates may vary depending on the actual housing and meal assignment. The maximum cost for an on-campus room and full-access meal plan is $5,026 per semester.
* * *估计. 利率的变化.

金融援助 and Scholarships

Financial aid is available to students who have applied for admission and have been accepted. Because financial assistance from the U.S. government is not available to international students, other funding is available through Fresno Pacific University.

Freshman Scholarships

典范 全额学费
总统的 $16,000
迪安的 $14,000
遗产 $13,000
教师 $11,000
创始人的 $7,000

转移 Scholarships 

转移 Scholar $11,000
转移 Achievement $8,500
转移 Academic $6,000
转移 Partnership $5,000

Performance-based Scholarships

运动 $500 to 全额学费
音乐 $400 to $10,000
戏剧 $1,300 to $2,000

Other FPU Grants and Scholarships

教堂匹配 $500 to $1,500
International Scholarship 最高6,000元
其他奖项 $100 to $10,000


Private Scholarships

校友, 父母, 朋友, businesses and foundations have generously provided a special set of scholarships available to international students attending Fresno Pacific.

View Private Scholarships

学生 will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. Fresno Pacific University values the diversity that international students bring to our campus. Because we understand that funding your education can be challenging, we will do everything we can to make it possible for you to attend.

The International 项目 and Services Office will work together with you and the Financial Student Services Office to create your own personal scholarship package. Scholarship packages are specially designed for each individual student according to the information provided on the application and the Affidavit of Support. These packages may be comprised of one or several different awards based on merit and need. Scholarships are not guaranteed!


Many international students find sponsors through their own personal contacts and/or various organizations to help fund their tuition and living expenses. We encourage you to look for financial sources such as these.


International students are only allowed to work for Fresno Pacific University. Openings for on-campus jobs are advertised in the Career Services Center, not on-line. Employment is limited and NOT guaranteed. Each student must apply and possibly interview to get a job. 学生 should not plan to make a lot of money from on-campus work. Minimum wage is $11.00 /小时. 学生 may work up to 20 hours a week while school is in session and 40 hours a week during vacations.

English language students are likely to get jobs in the cafeteria, 园艺, cleaning or maintenance.